Alice in Warblerland - A Dalton Album

A blog for an album based on CP Coulter's Dalton.

Welcome to Alice in Warblerland.

I’m going to post under a Read More the song list of the album so far, who is singing it, and a tidbit of what’s it’s about. This still isn’t the final list, but it’s pretty close. Some spoilers below if you’re not up to date with Dalton.

  1. Alice in Warblerland - Instrumental introduction to the album.
  2.  Courage -  Sung by Kurt, about his past and his journey to Wonderland. This is the song that started it all off for us, and the first we ever wrote together.
  3. Welcome to Windsor - A Tweedle duet, filled with Wonderland references. Their own special way of welcoming Alice to Wonderland.
  4. Alive -  Sung by Logan, we get insight into the pain he is feeling, or unable to feel as the case may be.
  5. To Be Me - Reed struggles with labels thrust upon him. Only one person seems to make him feel like he can be himself.
  6. I Choose You - With the unexpected return of Micah, Shane tries to show Reed that he only cares for him.
  7. Run Away - Here Julian sings of his feelings for his best friend, and how hard it has been for him watching Logan fall in love time and time again with someone who isn’t him.
  8. You - Reed and Shane finally get their acts together and realise their true feelings.
  9. Can We Dance? - David and Katherine share a waltz, a truly romantic number.
  10. Adam’s Theme - A creepy instrumental we feel runs through Adam’s head each time he thinks of Julian.
  11. Nothing Else Matters* - Adam makes it very clear that him and Julian were meant to be together.
  12. Now You KnowNow that Logan knows how Julian really feels for him, Julian releases all his anger, hurt and feelings.
  13. White Knight - A hero song, for Dwight Houston. 
  14. Story of UsA duet between Julian and Logan, as Julian tells Logan to leave the burning building. Both equally emotionally damaged about what that could mean.
  15. Stay With Me - Kurt and Blaine, Wes and David, Reed and Shane, The Tweedles, and Julian and Logan all sing their feelings from Hell Night to their respective others. None of them prepared to lose the person they love.
  16. A Hero Without a Cape* - Kurt, Dwight, Logan and the Warblers sing to their hero Mr. Harvey. 

I am also working on a Blaine song, because I realised he has had no solo *le blush*, and I’m also going to work on a Fab Five song requested by Anon! 

As always, requests are loved and I will do my best to write them (though sometimes it’s hard to force inspiration)

The songs with * are still work in progress, so the title is still subject to change.

And I think that is all!

Thank you all, as always <3

— Kathy <3

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